Review Policy

Hey folks,

I have been taking reviewing seriously lately, and hence I would like to state my review policy here. Please go through the entire post.

  • Genres I review: YA fiction, Historical Fiction, Sci-fi, Fantasy, Crime and Thriller, Romance, and Mythology.
  • Genres I don’t review: Non-fiction, memoirs, and erotica.
  • My review includes the blurb (as on Goodreads) followed by my views on the book and my rating. A mention of an ARC or a book sent by the publisher/author will be made at the end along with an affiliate link.
  • Other than the blog I also post short reviews on Amazon and Goodreads. (Please note that your book should have a Goodreads page)
  • Format accepted: I only accept Physical Copies. I sometimes accept Kindle version or Pdf format but that depends on how many review copies I have at that point. (I find it difficult to read on my phone for long hours). Also, I live in India, so please keep that in mind while requesting a review.
  • Time Frame: Please give me a minimum of 3-4 weeks to read and review the book.

To contact me, fill in the following Google Form.

Book Review Request Form.

For any other queries, contact me via the Contact option available on my blog or, shoot me an e-mail at

Please note: I charge for reviews. The amount will depend on the number of pages and if/any additional requests.

My Rating system:


I would love to interact with readers and bloggers as well as authors. And I believe in writing honest and unbiased reviews.

Thank You all for your time and attention. 🙂


Mridula Gupta